What Is It

Cold Press Coffee (AKA Cold Brew) is coffee that is brewed with cold water instead of hot water.

What it is NOT

Cold Press Coffee is not just regularly brewed coffee that has gotten cold. 

What Makes It Different

The ingredients for making Cold Press Coffee are the same as making regular coffee: Coffee & Water.  Where Cold Press deviates from hot coffee is that #1 you use cold water and #2 the coffee is in the water for a long time.  Using cold water in the brewing process results in a completely different taste.  This is because certain flavors in the coffee are only dissolvable in hot water; so when brewed with cold water, those flavors are not transferred into the liquid.  Why is the coffee brewed for a really long time… basically because you wouldn’t like it if it wasn’t J.

What does it taste like?

Remember the part about certain flavors not being dissolvable in hot water?  One of those flavors is what gives coffee that bitter taste.  Staple flavors of Cold Press is a smooth taste with chocolaty flavors and no bitterness. 

How is it Made

Making Cold Brew coffee is insanely easy.  As with everything, there multiple ways to accomplish making cold brew coffee.  At a minimum all you need are Coffee, Water, Container & a way to filter out the coffee.  The last piece is the most difficult part, but if you can figure that out, you’ll be enjoying Cold Press in no time.  If you are interested in stepping up your cold coffee game, we use the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System.  If you are interested, checkout the link below.


Here is the recipe we use for our Cold Press Coffee:


1.     Cold Press Blend Coffee (Available online)

2.     Water


In a large container, combine the coffee with water using the following ratio 3 quarts of water to every 1 pound of coffee.  Cover your container to make sure no unwanted things get into your brew.  Let the coffee brew for 12 to 24 hours depending on your desired strength.  We let ours brew for 18 hours.  Once brewing is complete, separate the grounds from the cold brew. 

***IMPORTANT*** The resulting cold brew will be a concentrate.  If you drink this straight you will be up for a minimum of 3 days straight.  You have been warned! 

Before you enjoy your cold brew, you will want to dilute the coffee concentrate with equal parts water or milk (or whatever else you think sounds good).  Then just pour on ice and enjoy!  The cold brew will stay good in your fridge for 2 to 3 weeks, but trust me, it will be long gone before then.

Other Tidbits:

1.     Cold Brew coffee has less acid; so if your stomach doesn’t like acid, it will like Cold Press

2.     Try heating Cold Press for a hot coffee substitute



Clay & Eric