Blue Bean


Blue Bean

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Blueberry flavor…. Seriously?  Yep.  Did we just add Blueberry flavoring?  Nope.  

What is with the name? 

Don’t get me wrong, it is not like your chewing on a handful of Blueberries, but it does taste like you are taking a sip of coffee, and then at the very end you take a bite out of a blueberry.  It is super unique, and a little weird (but very good).  So why does it have a flavor of blueberries?  It really comes down to how the coffee is processed back in Ethiopia.  Typically when coffee is picked, the pit of the cherry (bet you didn’t know that coffee beans are actually pits from cherries) is separated from the fruit pretty quickly after picking and then the pit dries in the sun.  The coffee we use for the Blue Bean is “Naturally Processed.”  For this coffee, instead of popping out the pit, the whole cherry is dried.  Due to the cherry and the pit drying together, the pit is allowed to absorb more of the berry flavor, and then we amplify the berry flavor by roasting the coffee very lightly.  Why doesn't it taste like a cherry then? Don't overthink it, just drink it. We like it, and we hope you do as well!


  • Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

  • Roast Profile: Light