Reach Blend

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Reach Blend

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Based on our 3 Minute variety, the Reach blend boasts a smooth and never bitter flavor that will greet you every morning.  

What is with the name?

For this blend, my partnered with Crossview Covenant Church as part of their Reach Campaign.  Reach has the goal of spreading the news of Jesus Christ to all people, Here, Near & Far.  $3 of every bag sale will be donated to the Reach Campaign.  

To learn more about how they want to do that, check out their website.  

Delivery - IMPORTANT

All orders of the Reach Blend will be delivered to Crossview Covenant Church to be picked up at the cafe station.  Your coffee will be cleared marked with your name.  There will be no home deliveries of the Reach Blend unless paired with another variety.  


  • Coffee Origin: Guatemalan
  • Roast Profile: Medium
  • 100% Fair Trade
  • 100% Organic